Frequently Asked Questions

In what capacity can I be involved or contribute to the DGP?

Companies at all levels of the UK industrial value chain can help build on our strengths and deliver enhanced growth and prosperity for the UK. You can become involved in the DGP through membership of the UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC). The UKDSC was established by the DGP and is jointly funded by government and industry. It works closely with the UK’s Department of International Trade – Defence and Security Organisation (DIT DSO), the UK Government, and the best of the defence industry, academia and R&D. There are a number of ways your organisation can engage with UKDSC, by accessing information, joining a Community of Interest or becoming an Associate Member. More details are available on their website - http://www.ukdsc.org/engagement/how-to-engage/ Furthermore, please complete your details in the Get Involved page and let us know what you are interested in.

How will the ownership of IPR be managed?

The fundamental premise of the DGP is that the broader value chain should be engaged to the maximum extent possible and as such, information and intelligence sharing is encouraged across all UK companies involved. However, DGP recognise that the protection and management of IPR is key to the success of any partnership and sensitive information and IPR will actively be protected and managed through the tiered membership level of the DGP/UKDSC. DGP founders, UKDSC Associate members and Community of Interest Members will abide by the DGP Partnering Principles Charter and associated non-disclosure agreements to ensure information is handled in the appropriate and correct manner.    

Can a company bid for funding from the UKDSC?

The UKDSC undertakes initiatives to improve the flow of funding to support innovation activities with the aid of industry and MoD. For example innovation challenges backed by MoD-funding are run on identified priority areas. Investigation into other funding streams are on-going and they encourage active dialogue from companies on the topic. However, the UKDSC will not have funds to directly invest in individual projects.

Will this have any influence on MOD’s policy toward procurement?

The purpose of the DGP is to secure growth in a global market place, not about changing MOD procurement policy. However, the adoption of the new MoD ‘Exportability Policy’ published early 2016, has been a major step forward for Defence Exports as the government look to incorporate exportability into all procurement decisions.

Does this implementation plan include a commitment to funding?

Government and Industry are aligning resource equivalent to £30 million over 2015 to 2018 to make this plan work. This is about aligning resources and making more effective investments. A number of funding streams for SME's are available through the activities of DGP e.g. DUTE or UKDSC Innovation challenges.