Our Strategy


Our Vision

The Defence Growth Partnership will secure a thriving UK defence sector delivering security, growth and prosperity for our nation.

Our Strategy

Taking a fresh and ambitious approach through a joint commitment from government and the defence industry to work together to develop new opportunities building on our nation’s strengths in air capabilities and intelligent systems, and deliver growth through innovative and tailored solutions for customers around the globe. This ties in with the Strategy of the UK Defence Solutions Centre, which can be found on the UKDSC website.

Our Objectives

The core objectives of the DGP are to:

  • > Grow the UK’s global market share through increased exports
  • > Foster greater collaboration and innovation across the sector, bringing products and services to the market that meet customer needs
  • > Improve competitiveness through the whole value chain.

Team UK

Through the Defence Growth Partnership, international customers benefit from a Team UK approach and a collaborative response to developing a solution. It serves as a highly efficient route to accessing the UK’s complete value chain. Being part of Team UK provides companies with wider access to market opportunities; they also gain from the advantages that close working deliver in terms of generating innovation. See Team UK for more information.