Why a Defence Growth Partnership?


A Global Economic Race

  • Today in a world that remains as dangerous and unpredictable as ever, an innovative and collaborative defence industry remains central to our national security. Moreover, it is important for our prosperity too. Directly employing 142,000 staff in the UK, sustaining a further 111,000 jobs through the supply chain3 and generating an annual turnover of over £24 billion, of which exports value on average £7.7 billion, the UK Defence Sector is vital to security as well as the UK economy.
  • Over the last decade we have been the largest exporter of defence equipment and services in Europe and second only to the U.S worldwide. The UK Defence Sector is renowned for developing world-class capabilities, built on long-standing and continuous investment in skills, technology, science and innovation. The UK has strengths in Air Capabilities and Intelligent Systems on which to build future success4. Market analysis indicates an addressable market in these domains of £82 billion per annum over the next eight years5.  Nevertheless, the global defence market is highly dynamic, with customer needs changing as quickly as the threats and the technology to address them. British companies are facing increased competition from new and existing rivals. As defence spending in some markets stabilises or decreases and other markets expand and emerge, the UK Defence Industry needs to enhance its competitiveness, work together and build upon its outstanding reputation.
  • To address the global opportunity and overcome these challenges, Government and Industry are working through the Defence Growth Partnership to find new means of delivering innovative products and services that will meet customers’ needs and guarantee success in increasingly competitive global markets.

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