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DGP July Quarterly Newsletter

Scroll through the newsletter on this page and make it full screen by pressing the button in the top right of the newsletter box. Or you can access the newsletter here. The newsletter contains:
  1. An Introduction from Andrew Cowdery – DGP Industry Co-Chair in video format
  2. An update on the UKDSC’s Japan Interactive Workshops
  3. An overview of UKDSC Innovation Activities from David Wotherspoon – Executive Director of Innovation at the UKDSC in video format
  4. UKDSC Update
  5. Skills Group Update
  6. Value Chain Competitiveness Update
This newsletter is accessible via desktop, smartphones and tablets. If you are struggling to open the newsletter, please try using the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. We would welcome any feedback that you may have.
James Blewett

James Blewett

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Government and Industry are working together to ensure the UK’s Defence Sector grows in the future by strengthening our global competitiveness and supporting UK prosperity.

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