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UKDSC SME Engagement Newsletter

UKDSC SME Engagement Newsletter

The UKDSC is pleased to publish SME Engagement Newsletter (Issue 03) for the period ending October 2020.

The SME Newsletter will be issued at the end of each quarter (approximately) and will contain companies, identified by UKDSC Head of Engagement that have a unique offering and are interested in supporting the wider defence ecosystem.

The current newsletter contains companies that have a unique or unusual capability offering that may be of interest to you or your supply chain. The companies within the newsletter, have provided their company synopsis along with their contact details should your company or your supply chain wish to make direct contact.

Further information on capabilities and capacity can be obtained directly from the companies (contact details contained within each synopsis) or by return e-mail to Ken Turley (Author).

Please click UKDSC SME Engagement Newsletter Nov 2020 to start reading.

For more information on how we can provide your business with  invaluable links into the DGP community, please visit SME supply chain.

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