Launching Growth Opportunities


We are leveraging opportunities for growth by working together to invest in market-driven solutions

  • Increasing the effectiveness of investment in research and development
  • Bringing new products and services to the market that may otherwise not have been possible
  • Fostering the development of collaborative projects between industrial partners and with customers
  • Testing our collaborative approach through initial opportunities for growth in Air Capabilities and Intelligent Systems


The DGP has identified initial growth opportunities to enhance competitive advantage in the areas of our national strengths in Air Capabilities and Intelligent Systems, underpinned by the technology and enterprise base of the UK.

Within the Air Capabilities domain there are two main areas of focus: unmanned air systems and synthetic operational training. In Intelligent Systems, in the maritime domain, we have launched a UK Centre for Maritime Intelligent Systems (CMIS) based in Portsmouth. This has included a programme for a Maritime Autonomous Systems Demonstrator and will also prioritise initial studies on Airborne and Land Mission Systems.

The UKDSC and s-DSO, are now also working collaboratively to identify market opportunities and are providing a clear, coherent and enduring approach to identifying and pursuing further opportunities for growth which can be complimented by the UKDSC Communities of Interest.