Intelligent Systems

IntelligentThe UK has the opportunity to lead the world in next generation Maritime Mission Systems (MMS) capability. The first steps towards this have involved the launch, through joint investment, of a UK Centre for Maritime Intelligent Systems (CMIS) in Portsmouth to build on the strong maritime experience and skilled workforce in the area. This project represents a total investment of over £4 million by Industry and Government.

CMIS is now building upon the Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior ‘16 exercise and will undertake an intense period of experimentation in the UKDSC Synthetic Environment from the end of the exercise until early 2017. The objective is to develop innovative ways for Frigate-class mission effects to be delivered by a much lighter vessel with reduced complement.

UK Industry also has world-class capabilities and technologies in the provision of integrated Airborne Mission Solutions and Land Mission Systems (LMS), delivering vital intelligence for decision making and the near real-time management of events. Studies into Land and Airborne Mission Systems proposition will be developed to provide scalable Security Solutions that are integrated through an open architecture ‘designed for export’.