Strengthening Industry’s Capabilities


Investing in the UK’s Defence Industry to Enhance Competitiveness

The DGP has taken steps towards:

  • Harnessing the power of the value chain to deliver growth in the defence sector
  • Focusing investment in technology and in its faster application in defence
  • Investing in the skills we need, creating a new Systems Engineering Masters Apprenticeship Programme (SEMAP) and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

The defence industry’s strength is a result of prolonged and continuous investment in skills, technology, science and innovation, which is harnessed by companies large and small across the UK. The UK defence value chain is an ecosystem that, when harnessed effectively, can be the source of future growth and competitive advantage, leveraging the entrepreneurship, innovation and problem-solving capabilities that underpin the UK’s position in the international market.

Building on the world-class science and academic base in the UK, the DGP is supporting industry with long-term planning and collaboration. We are identifying emerging technologies, focusing investment more effectively, and rapidly pulling research and development through to deliver new products and services that meet customer needs.

A highly skilled, educated and flexible workforce is the powerhouse of UK defence companies. Better skills provide the means to keep us at the forefront of future growth. We are committed to investing in up-skilling the existing workforce and inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists and manufacturers.