Value Chain

ValueThe UK’s defence value chain comprises all suppliers of equipment, support and technology for defence. It includes the enabling functions of government – ranging from test facilities to regulators – and the UK’s strong academic and science base in universities, research bodies and technical institutes.

This is a profoundly capable resource but, by its nature, a disparate one. The DGP has set out to harness the power of the value chain in a more coordinated way to enhance responsiveness, agility and competitiveness in meeting customer needs. A ‘Flotilla’ concept is being developed as an approach to provide an opportunity for UK SMEs to respond to a customer requirement in a more co-ordinated way. As a result, customers gain a more complete solution and SMEs benefit from increased market access.


The Value Chain Competitiveness Team also recognise the value of working with adjacent sectors as a way to find ‘Dual Use’ applications. This has led to the conception of The Dual Use Technology Exploitation programme. DUTE is a £10 million jointly funded project between government and industry developed to back the best new technologies and research that can have a ‘dual use’ in defence and civil sector businesses. DUTE clusters will help boost growth by linking UK manufacturers particularly SMEs, from the civil and defence sectors to draw on the best technologies of both to deliver game-changing solutions for customers. It is expected to create 180 jobs across 15 partners up to 2019.

To find out more please go to the DUTE website.