Technology_2The UK’s strong science and technology base give us a competitive advantage, but to capitalise on this and continue to generate leading edge capabilities we must continue to invest.

The exploitation of emerging technologies needs to be systematic and coordinated. The DGP seeks to improve the effectiveness of investment in research and development by maximising synergies and reducing duplication using the UKDSC enhanced market intelligence provided by DIT s-DSO to assess the current and future strategic market demand in technology and capability. UKDSC runs an Innovation challenge – a Ministry of Defence-funded competition to create new technologies to solve defence challenges. In its first round there were more than 40 winners in the first phase, covering areas such as Persistent Surveillance from the Air, Agile Immersive Mission Training, and Autonomy & Big Data. Now phase two of the competition is testing some of those innovations in more realistic environments.

The DGP also aims to increase agility in pulling through new technologies into capabilities that meet customer needs, faster than our competitors through novel investment models to allow researchers and entrepreneurs both in SMEs and in universities to exploit their ideas rapidly whilst protecting their own intellectual property.

Cross-cutting technologies, such as Complex Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C-ISR), are at the core of producing market-winning solutions in the Air Capabilities and Intelligent Systems domains and these continue to be a core part of the UKDSC focus in road map development.