DIT Defence and Security Organisation

Tier3-exampleA strengthened DIT Defence and Security Organisation (DIT s-DSO) is working to enhance the UK’s ability to identify and prioritise investment in UK capability to grow defence exports. It will consist of three elements:

Enhanced Market Intelligence – a joint market analysis team has been established, ensuring greater coordination, cooperation and information sharing, and improving insight into both current customer needs and long-term strategic trends.

Industry involvement in prioritisation of opportunities – government and industry are working together, through an Industry Liaison Board, to prioritise the highest value opportunities for UK defence exports and develop engagement strategies to maximise the UK’s understanding of, and ability to meet, customer needs.

Additional Industry resource in strategic markets – Prioritisation of customers and markets underpinned by enhanced market intelligence allows us to identify where government can benefit from additional industry resource, creating joint teams overseas in key strategic markets.

For more information on the Defence and Security Organisation, please visit the DIT-DSO website or Contact Us online.