UK Defence Solutions Centre

UK-DSC_2The UKDSC represents a step-change in our approach to working together as an industry. Opened in March 2015 as an independent entity, it brings together the best minds from across defence in a pre-competitive, collaborative space to identify innovative and world-beating products and services. It aims works to make the UK defence industry more successful in exports through:
> better alignment with UK Government
> better collaboration within the UK value chain
> stimulating innovation and investment from a broad range of sources.

The UKDSC acts as a centralised coordinating, collaborative and strategic planning function for industry, providing a coherent view of future requirements. It focuses on the pre-competitive phase, looking out across a 15-year horizon to understand customers’ long-term requirements, and uses this to help shape innovative and tailored products and services, leveraging the UK’s world-class defence capability, technology and skills.

The Centre develops game-changing strategic capability and technology road maps to deliver the UK’s competitive advantage. Working with UK MoD and closely with global customers, it facilitates engagement with those who are keen to explore defence relationships with the UK Defence Sector alongside the strengthened Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organisation (DIT s-DSO).

If you are interested in reading more please visit the UKDSC website.