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DGP Publications

Reports, marketing material and other Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) documentation related to the UK defence industry. If you have any queries please contact us.

UKDSC Strategy

The UKDSC Strategy document integrates the UKDSC’s major goals and activities into a cohesive whole and provides a framework for our activities over the long term.

At the core of the strategy is supporting UK defence to develop opportunities with our national and international partners.

The UKDSC’s unique position in the pre-competitive space creates a supportive environment for open engagement with UK stakeholders and international customers. As a result of this approach, the UK defence enterprise can collaborate and innovate in a highly effective manner

DGP Foundation Documents

Securing Prosperity

This is the first in a series of three documents, published by the DGP. This document sets out the strategic vision and focus of the DGP, based on joint analysis completed by government and industry.

Delivering Growth

This is the second in the series of three documents, published by the DGP. This document sets out the core objectives of the DGP and the implementation plan developed to deliver these objectives.

Customer Ready

This is the third in the series of three documents, published by the DGP which chart the establishment and development of the DGP through to the creation of the UKDSC. This document sets out how the UKDSC was established, what it’s early parameters for operation are, and how it’s unique relationships across industry and government will benefit the UK export industry.

Alll three reports can be downloaded below by clicking on the report images. 

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