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Welcome to the SME supply chain section for the DGP, within these few pages we aim to help you identify if your business fits the criteria for an SME and if it does then to provide some invaluable links into the DGP community to enable you to make valuable connections with industry and explore ways to improve your business and add more value to the 13 DGP member companies and the MOD .     

The UK Government defines a company as an SME if two of these three characteristics are met:

  1. It has an annual turnover less than €50m.
  2. Number of employees less than 250.
  3. Annual balance sheet total less than €43m.

BEIS Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) action plan, 6 March 2019.

Andrew Forzani in the MOD SME Action plan described the SME as the backbone of the UK economy, and the contribution made by SMEs is crucial to the UK’s national prosperity and the UK’s ability to compete in the global marketplace.

This is further evidenced by SMEs being direct recipients of £835 million per annum of MoD spending, and SMEs playing vital roles in the supply chains of the 19 MoD strategic suppliers (of which 13 companies are DPG members) which account for over half of the annual spend of the MoD (£20.9 billion). SMEs therefore provide a vital role in supporting UK MoD and the International business streams of each DGP member.

Please view the range of subject areas below that we believe are important for SMEs to know about.

Subject areas of note to SMEs

Links to the DGP Companies supply chain pages.

Click on the members logo to access the ‘supply chain’ section of each DGP member website and connect with the supply chain team for each of the DGP members.

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